Why Are More Married Women Cheating on Their Husbands?

More married women are cheating on their husbands because adultery is encouraged by society. It’s odd, but people do not “see” that society is one big temptation for both wives and husbands. For a wife NOT to cheat, she would have to set the conviction to be faithful, no matter what, in her heart and with God. With that said, below are the major factors that contribute to a wife cheating on her husband.

Wife’s Needs Not Getting Met

Some wives feel they are not getting their emotional and sexual needs met by their husbands and this may be true but it works both ways. This only means there is a problem in the marriage somewhere that needs tender loving care. If there is a break down in intimacy or communication it will cause an emotional disintegration between the husband and wife.

If a wife is not getting her emotional and or sexual needs met at home the chances will be much higher that she is going to be unfaithful to her husband. Most of these flings never last because they were never meant to be in the first place. No matter how much a woman’s needs are not getting met, it does not justify adultery.Married Women Cheating on Their Husbands

Another reason more women are committing adultery is because more women work outside the home and do their own thing. It used to be the wife stayed home and took care of the home front and children’s needs, not anymore. Today 90% of married women work at a job or have a career they go after.

Trashy Media Indoctrinating Her Mind

Popular television shows, Hollywood movies and most women’s magazines extol and encourage the cheating wife. Some married women believe that if men can cheat so can women. Some of the most popular TV shows of today encourage adultery and divorce and remarriage. The more we allow this ungodly garbage into our hearts and minds the more we will succumb to it. It is a slow conditioning process that starts in childhood.

No Conviction To Be Faithful

The major reason a married woman is more prone to cheat on her husband is because society is moving further and further away from God, which means she is too. A woman who is not convicted in her heart to remain faithful to her husband will eventually fall prey to the temptations around her. This works both ways. Married men also must stand guard in Christ, lest they too become lured by the strong pull of the world.

No one said it was going to be easy being a follower of Christ-there will be temptations and some of us will succumb to those temptations. Most Christian people only prefer to be faithful rather than be faithful and convicted in their heart about their morals, and that is the problem. Preferences will tear down our house every single time. We must stand strong in Christ and remain faithful to Him because this is what being a follower of Christ is all about-putting Him first in our life.

What Can You Do To Stay Faithful?

You have to set it in your heart and in your mind that no matter what happens you will not allow the world to come into your life and dictate your beliefs for you. The people who are truly in Christ have the Holy Spirit within them to help them be the person God wants them to be so the world does not have a chance to come in and trespass against their marriage.Why Are More Married Women Cheating on Their Husbands

Scripture gives us many awesome principles for staying faithful in our marriages and morally aware as married women. A married woman can curtail much of the tempting situations that go on around her throughout the day just by remembering her convictions in the Lord.

Also, try to understand that just because you follow every single one of the guidelines / principles given below does not mean you will never be tempted, but it does show the world that your marriage is important to you, therefore, the likelihood of anyone trying to trespass against your person or your marriage will be less likely.

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